What is Mod-X anyway?

Mod-X is a fictional online game. In Mod-X you will become one of the Mod-X 'agents' and have to solve any tasks that the Mod-X team give you. As you will see the story revolves around a break in to some of the Mod-X systems, and you are the only one who can beat the intruder. Mod-X has a number of levels you must pass, starting off easy and working up to some hard challenges. You will be tested on everything from javascript/encryptions/encodings to daemon vulnerabilities/disassembling/http knowledge...and most importantly, common sense!

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Mod-X is also the new home of the disavowed.net challenges by disavowed. If you are a registered Mod-X agent, you will be able to play all the old disavowed.net levels too! Click here for more information.


I would like to state that this site is not about hacking - or in any way related with hacking. Although the game involves you breaking encryptions, and solving computer security problems - these are made up by us. There are no links to hacking sites on these pages, and no information about hacking is present. This is purely and simply a game...and the story is entirely fictitious.